Muyil Mayan Ruins

an unforgettable Riviera Maya excursion

The Muyil Mayan ruins may be one of the most unforgettable Riviera Maya excursions you go on this year. This stunning site south of Tulum, once called Chunyaxché by those who lived there, is a magical place for visitors, which are few. 

Those who take one of the Riviera Maya excursions to Muyil will be touched by the quietness of the ruin, set in the warm and lush green forest of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.  As you move among the trees by the lagoon, watch for ceiba trees,  While known for their strong fiber (kapok), the Mayans know them for something else.  If you feel like you’re being watched in the silent forest of Muyil, perhaps it is the ceiba trees.  They were known as the tree of life,  connecting the Alux or spirits who watch over and protect people walking among them to the underworld.

This tour includes round trip transportation, entrance to the archeological site, walk through the mangroves, , boat tour crossing the lagoons to a Mayan vestige, floating over  a 200 year old Mayan channel between the mangrove. After floating, walk on a deck back the boat to cross back the lagoons heading to the mayan restaurant serving typical food from the region. This is fully guided by the tour operator. Lifejackets and bottled water are included on the boat trip. Price $108 USD per person.

The Muyil Mayan ruins are believed to have been inhabited as early as 300 BC, and continued to be inhabited until the early 1500s AD.  This makes it one of the earliest and longest inhabited of ancient Mayan cities on the east coast of the Yucutan Peninsula.

Muyil is considered the most important of some 22 pre-Hispanic communities in the Sian Ka’an.  There are two active archeological sites in Muyil, and one is actually open to the public. Only a few of the building have so far been excavated.  At 57 feet in height, Castillo is the tallest pyramid of the Riviera Maya.

There is also a boardwalk out to Muyil Lagoon through the forests.  Look down and notice all the water, and sometimes even fish swimming below you!  If you don’t mind heights and are up to a bit of a climb, there is also a lookout with spectacular views over the jungle and the lagoon.

Compared to some other Mayan ruins, at 38 hectares it’s not as big as some, but it’s also less visited, making it a magical place to choose for the first of your Riviera Maya excursions. 

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